You need to find a way to effectively communicate your message to your audience in a way that moves them. Video gives you that way, and the power to do it. 


But how to do it right? How to cut through all the information noise, with videography that rivets and holds their attention? And moves them to join your story? You need to reach out and impact your audience. Memorably.


That's where Heidman Definition comes in. We are a professional video production company, taking pride in creating compelling videos to bring your stories to life and invite your audience to be part of your world.


By combining meaningful storytelling with inspiring cinematography and thematic music, we are able to direct what the viewer sees, hears and feels.


Every video we produce is strategically planned, expertly edited, and creatively finessed to platform your message on the world stage.


It's time for your story to step up on that stage. Heidman Definition will help you get it there.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Corporate Videographer

Corporate video

Tell your business story to the world through the power of video.

Event Videographer

event video

Promote your event with video that will engage your audience.

Real Estate Videographer

Real estate video

Market your property with

our cinematic real estate videos.

Documentary Videographer


Tell  your story to the world

with cinematic visuals.