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At Heidman Definition we believe that you deserve to stand out from the crowd with engaging video that drives impact and gets results. Below are some of the projects that we have created.

Raising The Roof

Raising The Roof is bringing a new affordable housing building to downtown Orillia.

The Engage Conference

The Engage Conference is an event that aims to see healthy churches planted in Atlantic Canada.

The Lighthouse

Three incredibly courageous participants at The Lighthouse bravely share their stories of how the Lighthouse has helped them.

Luxury Real Estate

With 4K cinematic virtual tours and high end HDR photography, we extensively showcase property features. This raises appeal, increases engagement, and leads to faster and higher sales.

Mira Godard Gallery

In celebration of Mira Godard Gallery's 60th anniversary, we captured a virtual tour of the entire art gallery. 

For The Hungry

For The Hungry is an event hosted by Connexus to pack thousands of meals for locals in our community.

Mile One Mission

Mile One Mission is a group of men and women who hold a deep conviction to see Gospel-centred churches raised up and supported amongst the peoples of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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